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2 pizzas delivered randomly

Just $19.99/month

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This is dumb.

is it? you scrolled this far.

πŸ• Okay, but pizza is dope!

The only thing cheesy about this subscription is our pizza! Join the pizza party for $19.99 a month. We will deliver two pizzas from a random pizza joint at a random time. You set your preferences on what times we can deliver and where, whether that be home, work, or your mom's basement. Any given month 2 pizzas delivered, you guessed it, randomly.

Sign up yourself or a friend - It's kinda funny.

*RandomPizza works in any major US city πŸŒ†

Do we change lives?

ask these pizza lovers.

Send a pizza. πŸ•

confuse the hell out of someone.

Send one random pizza to a friend (or enemy 🍍)

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